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Lucky Rose Online

Lucky Rose Online

Lucky Rose Online Introduction

Lucky Rose Online is a casino game available on casinos and on casino websites also. So, this game can be played online as well and its story is that a witcher called Lucky Rose will tell you your future with the help of their crystal globe. In this game, the symbols are: A, K, Q, J, a rose, 2 coins, a caravan, Lucky Rose text, Lucky Rose – the character and the Crystal Globe( substitutes others symbols ).

lucky rose slot gameplay

About Lucky Rose Slot Game

Made by Novomatic, like structure, this game is a classic one with: 3 lines, 5 columns and 10 win lines. The aim of this game is to match 3, 4 or 5 similar symbols on the same paid line and then you’ll get points in function of the those symbols( exemple: for 3 A or K you’ll get 100, but for 5 A or K you’ll get 1500). In this game it is a very attractive bonus: if you match 3 Crystal Globe wherever on the playground, you’ll get 12 free games with mysterious symbols. In addition, the most wanted symbol is Lucky Rose text, because if you match five symbols like it you’ll get 10 000 points, and this is a big amount.lucky rose paytable
This game has those benefits:

  • Can be played for free
  • Big wins
  • Nice theme, with well drawn symbols
  • Wild and scatter availables
  • It also has some disadvantages:
  • It doesn’t has progressive jackpot
  • It doesn’t has multiplier


lucky rose win linesWith a very well designed graphics and a classic structure, I think that this game is a modern one and it is very captivant. I need to be sincerely and to recognize that this game is on my taste and I play it very frequently. So what do you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and play Lucky Rose Online.

5 Replies to “Lucky Rose Online”

  • Jackson Carroll says:

    My favorite “Lucky Rose” game will captivate you all. I do not consider myself an inert player but it’s the perfect place to test my luck and gain experience. I will never forget the first turn brought me directly 10,000 points. I did not believe it. Since then I have really lost, but the impatience that creates a good state of mind makes me still play. I have a well-established account and I strongly recommend this game! Or you can find your favorite one !

  • Jessie says:

    Lucky Rose is an enchanting slot machine which transports players into a world that is rich with charm and colour. The theme of Romani Travellers offers quite a unique novelty game which promises plenty of magic and mystery. With this is mind, spinners can leave their destiny to be decided by the 5 rotating reels which have the potential to pay some very handsome wins.

  • Kitty Harrison says:

    Little bit girly, that is the reason for why I started to play. All I can say that the slots or any casino games isn’t only for man. I feel so relaxed when I start to play and really enjoy every turn because there is my “silent world” . This game is my favorit, clearly why… Girls, you need to be hopeful! continue and never give up!

  • Dolores Sullivan says:

    I have never understood why a casino game or slot on a particular theme is categorized as a feminine one. Just because a girl appears and is the pink background? In most cases, my friends refuse to play certain slots because “it’s for girls”. It’s absurd … I play any kind of slot without problems!

  • perry h says:

    I’m messed up Lucky Lady’s Charm with Lucky Rose when I’ve played first time and it don’t have much difference in my opinion. Both games are good, even though in both games I had disappointments. I still prefer Lucky Rose.

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